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Rotary Club of Thunder Bay - Port Arthur

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President Warren Philp 2018-2019

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President Warren Philp 2018-2019


Thanks for opportunity to lead this group of people that I respect so much. It's been over 20 years that I have had the privilege of being part of this Club. I have served on the Board a few times, enjoyed fellowship with Club members, been part of the fundraising, allocations, international service, youth service but have only recently said yes to this role that I assume today.

Thanks to all the members I have leaned on over the years, Past Presidents, Past Board members. Collectively you have taught me a lot about leadership. Special thanks to Past Presidents Brenda Winter and Vonnie Cheng for their leadership over the past two years.

Carrying on with what Brenda has started, I will continue to recognize where we are hosting our meetings recognizing the traditional peoples who first occupied this land.

Wilderness Discovery Handi-Capable Centre Inc. is a project that our Club has decided to support. The partnership is formidable. Based on the survey conducted, it appears that Saturday August 11th will be that day when our club ventures out to have a look. I encourage you to go then or another time. Work parties are happening most weekends. You really can't appreciate how special it is until you see it.

Youth Exchange is another area of focus. Jointly, our 4 Canadian Clubs will look at revitalizing this important activity. These students enrich our community immensely. Our outbound Exchange Students do the same for communities around the world.

Finally, I want us to begin thinking about our 100th Anniversary. Hopefully, by the time we wrap up this Rotary year next June, we will have an idea or a possibly a firm project that we will use to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Port Arthur Rotary Club in 2024.

Barry Rassin the Rotary International President for 2018-19 who took office on July 1st said in an email to all Club Presidents, and I quote: If we do our jobs well, we will leave office, one year from now, with clubs and districts that are larger and stronger, more efficient and more effective, and more fully committed to the work and the values of Rotary.

He goes on to say...

Our theme in this Rotary year is Be the Inspiration. I chose this theme because, throughout my years in Rotary, I have seen that what truly motivates Rotarians is their work. The Rotarians who have the biggest impact through their service aren’t always the women and men with the greatest resources, the most experience, or the largest networks. They’re the ones who are inspired. Whether it was something they did, something they saw, or someone they met, they’ve all had experiences that lit them on fire—and inspired them to serve.

To the best of my ability over the next 12 months, I will try to be that person that creates a spark that hopefully lights a fire in you and in this community.....a Rotarian like all of you who will Be The Inspiration.

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