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ROTARY MEETING NOTES April 26, 2011    Scribe: David Silliman


Opened the meeting at noon with O Canada and Toast to the Queen and Canada


Reflection: Think about the responsibilities that go along with service and the difficulties we face in our modern world.  “Note that today is the 25th anniversary of the Chernoble nuclear disaster.


At the door: Maria Hudolin and Frank Zenatta, Frank introduced visiting Rotarians and guests.  .Guests were, Sharon Badanni from the Fort William Club, Alexandra Erickson guest of Bob Tomlinson, Patrick Boileau guest of David Legge, Rotary exchange students Ryan Hsu and Angelica.


Rotary business included

Dew Drop Inn:  There was a plea from the chair for volunteers.


Mother’s Day Draw:  Frank Zenatta  informed of places opened to sell tickets at Canadian Tire and the Intercity Mall and made a plea for people to sell tickets.  To date we have only reached about 43% of our goal in order to break even with the draw and not lose money on the project.  There is a plea for everyone to sell tickets.


Matthew Diegel made a plea for new host families for the incoming student fromBrazil.

He also introduced Angelica, our out bound student for 2012 who is going toHelsinki,Finland.  MUNA students are leaving for the weekend and representing Venesuala. 


Johnny de Bakker announced that he has Shag tickets for the upcoming wedding of Katy Ischkin.


Birthday table was introduced  by Art Warwick.  Those with birthdays in April Amerjit Chahal, David Silliman, Rob Graham and  Ryan Hsu.


Laurie Tulloch served as fine master.



Amarjit Chahal made his classification speech.

Dr. Chahal directs Warnex-Pro DNA Servives lab in Thunder bay. Head ofice is in Laval, PQ.

Our busy Rotarian supervises a large number of specialized services invol;ving DNA analysis in the forensic arena. Clients include police services (RCMP is number 1), private (eg paternity testing), and numerous research initiatives (utilizing mitochondrial DNA  (so called "ancient" DNA for older specimens, examples war decedent identification). He also spends time in court from time to time as an expert witness in forensic DNA. He described the challenges as per a recent murder trial in Winnipeg.

Readers who wish to obtain the full Power Point presentation; contact Dr. Chahal at warnex%23ca|achal, or scribe David Legge at tbaytel%23net|dlegge.

David Legge introduced Amarjit and he was thanked by President Dave Silliman. A fascinating presentation.



Amerjit Chalal PhD, scans an evidence slide at WARNEX-Pro DNA


Guy O’Brien won the ten dollars for the “Ace of Clubs” draw.



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