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Navigator March 8, 2011

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MARCH 8, 2011

Scribe: Bonnie Moore

Photos: Rima Cieslik

At the Door: Don Smith and Bernie Baxter


 Guests:   Alexandra Luczak the Development Coordinator for Lutheran Community Care (Bonnie Moore),  Barb Philp, Acting Chief Librarian of the TBPL , Patrick Boileau (guest of Vonnie Cheng)

David Silliman offered thoughts of Friendship as our moment of reflection and read a quote by Mary Neilson.

Barb Philp - Acting Chief Librarian accepted a cheque for $1,000 from the Rotary on behalf of the Mary JL Black Library Campaign.  She stated " the project was o target and on budget to open in the Spring. 



Barb Philp thanks the club for allocation to Mary JL Black Library

Jim MacDonald reminded the group of the District "Conference in Grand Forks pm April 28th through 30th.  He needs to know ASAP who would like a room at the Conference Hotel as he must let them go shortly.  He also noted that a bus would be procured if needed. 


Big Jim emphasizing District Conference

David Silliman read a Thank You note from Tara Hardy who received a Rotary Scholarship to attend Confederation College in the Social Services Diploma Program.

Mathew Diegel      is seeking hosts for Ryan for Spring Break which is March 14- 18th.  Please think about Ryan when you are making plans with your family!  

Two students have been chosen for the United Nations project by Vonnie Cheng's committee and they are Donald Wood and Josh Trevensenutto. 

Merv Halverson announced they had a fire at the Salvation Army Home and damage was done to the Laundry Room and Kitchen.

Roly Turner announced Clint Kushak's term as Assistant district Governor has been completed and our own Maria Hudolin will be taking over.

Our Guest Speaker Brent Hawley is a competitor for Team Diabetes. Text of his address follows:


Brent Hawley--Ironman



Johnny DeBakker introduces his colleague Brent Hawley



Good Afternoon,


My name is Brent Hawley and I am

thankful for the opportunity to be here in front of you today. I host the morning show at Dougall Media and you’d figure that a guy who works behind a microphone everyday would be comfortable speaking in public. Well, I work in a small room by myself with no one staring at me so this is a little intimidating but I’m braving it for a good cause. For almost 2 years I have been proud to be a member of Team Diabetes.


My path to this charity was an unusual one to say the least. In the summer of 2008 I was riding a motorcycle and got into a minor accident. I say minor because I was the only person involved and the bike

didn’t really get that damaged….I on the other hand was a little damaged. I busted up my foot fairly well and needless to say I was to spend the next 6 months in a cast. Unfortunately the healing process didn’t go well for me, I had serious circulatory issues and there was real concern about the foot not healing properly, if at all. As most people would do in my position, I made a pact with god, promised if he’d help my foot, I’d do my best to take better care of myself and do some good. So here I stand in front of you today, true to my word, a healthier person, trying to do some good.


I guess it should be noted that I

wasn’t completely lazy before the accident, but I wasn’t overly active either. I guess once I realized that I had circulatory issues though, I knew I needed to make some changes in my life. I was the typical bachelor, I liked to drink when my friends were around and I was a heavy smoker. Coming from a family with a history of cancer and diabetes, it was certainly a wake up call to do something about the path I was on.


As I began the physiotherapy process I was told that the more active I was, the quicker the bones, tendons and muscles would heal. So I started at the gym and that quickly became a new obsession for me. I started feeling great, losing weight and

generally felt better about what I was doing, It was during that time that at the station we started promoting these marathons for Team Diabetes. Now, I didn’t know much about Team Diabetes, but I did like the idea of getting in shape, setting a new goal for not only running a marathon but also raising some money for a charity that hit close to home….and I’ll be honest, going to Hawaii in the middle of December, well, that had it’s appeal as well. I guess the only problem was, I wasn’t a runner, never had been in my life and I didn’t even like the idea of running long distances. I had seen those people outside in the middle of winter all bundled up and running down the snow covered sidewalks and all of my life I thought those people were crazy. I mean. Who would intentionally put themsleves through that? Well, oddly enough, I guess I joined what I always secretly thought was some sort of twisted cult and I too became a runner. I’m not gonna lie, it wasn’t always easy and in fact, at times it was the last thing I ever wanted to do, but as soon as I started, I always felt better.


Now, after running my first marathon in December of 2009 I thought I would try it again. I guess I was a little addicted and I liked the idea of raising money for Team Diabetes. My father was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes a few years back and my uncle lost a leg due to the disease. Both situations frightened me and having learned more about it, I felt that this was the charity I needed to raise money for. So once again, I signed up to raise money and take part in another marathon. This time I chose not to just take part in 1 but also a second one coming up in less than a week and a half in Rome. I guess it’s important to note that Team Diabetes is more than just about raising money for a good cause, but it’s also about promoting a healthy lifestyle. That being said, I’, doing my best to be as active as possible. The Rome Marathon is just the start of my adventures over the next month. As I run the marathon in the morning of the 20th, that afternoon I will eat my last meal in Rome and then fly to Tanzania to climb Mt. Kiliminjaro for 8 days. A daunting task but one that I hope to complete. And while that would normally be enough, when I come down from the mountain, I head to South Africa to compete in my first Ironman. A 3.8 km swim, a 180 km bike ride and finally and 42.2 km run…another full marathon. I’m just trying to keep my promise I made to regain that healthy foot lol.


Now this might be a bit on the extreme side for active living, but I thought the more I did, the easier it would be to attract attention to Team Diabetes. It has come with some sacrifices. My days are spent more in the gym than anywhere else. Over the course of the the last 6 months I  have:


-Run 1200km during training
-Cycle 12,000 (yes twelve thousand km’s) during training
-Swim 200 miles during training
-spend over 500 hours training in Thunder Bay’s cold fall and winter
-run 42.2 km/26 miles (with many walking breaks) in the Honolulu and Rome Marathons

- and finally swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 miles and then run a full marathon in The South African Ironman
-raise hopefully close to $20,000 for The Canadian Diabetes Association



in fact, after this I head for a nice 2 hour swim and then and hour an a half run.


Now, a lot of people have asked why Team Diabetes. Well, I guess between my father and the reaminder of my family I chose them because so many peopl eare affedcted by the disease. It doesn’t get talked about probably as much as it should. In fact Diabetes has become the fastest growing global epidemic. By the year 2020 1 in 4 Canadians will be affected by the disease and by the year 2050 they figure 50% of all Canadians will be affected by it. Diabetes is a leading cause of death in Canada. Type 2 Diabetes was once an adult-only disease but today, children as young as nine are being diagnosed. In most cases, Type 2 diabetes can be prevented or delayed through lifestyle modifications including diet and exercise. Although I have some challenges ahead of me, they’re minor compared to the day to day struggles children and adults with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes face. I’m running to help prevent Type 2 diabetes and assist in a cure for Type 1 Juvenile onset Diabetes.


Team Diabetes itself has been around for 11 years and crosses the nation from Vancouver to Halifax. Over it’s short history it has raised over 27 million dollars through then generosity of approximately 20, 000 donors. Quit often peopl ewill ask where the money that’s donated goes. Well, I’m happy to say that when people donate to me, the money goes to the national office and then gets dispursed back into our local community here in Northwersatern Ontario for reasearch. Education in the community and a vairety of services as well.


Again, I just want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak here today. I look forward to answering any questions you may have and should you wish to participate, I’d be more than happy to help anyone in any way possible. Now, should you wish to donate….I’m more than willing to accept those as well. This is just the beginning….I plan to run another marathon in December and more in the years to follow.


Thank you!


Ace of Clubs:

No winner this week







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