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Navigator March 15, 2011

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Richard serving up 100th Anniversary

Cake from the Hotel



 1. 12 noon: President David Silliman opened the meeting;
2. Joe Vander Wees played Oh Canada;
3. President David gave the reflection--on Middle East turmoil and the tsunami and earthquake in Japan and the Pacific Region;
4. For some 5 minutes, social conversation among the audience took place;
5. Guests--Fraser Coull (guest of Jeff Peat); Kanishka Baduge, occupational therapist visiting the Regional hospital for 5 weeks (guest of Justine Bertrand); Patrick Boileau , Project Manager, Gold Corp. and prospective new member of the Club (guest of David Legge); Visitor--K.S. Joseph from the Fort William Rotary Club.
5. President David cited some history on the important role of the Regional Health Science Centre in such incidents as the Dryden air catastrophy; also, he applauded Shelter Box's aid in catastrophies generally;
6. Colin Bruce gave a wonderful introduction to Guest Speaker, Andree Robichaud, CEO of the Regional Health Science Centre ( from New Brunswick), who was accompanied by Don Edwards of Communications with the Centre--

Andree, in a very gracious manner, described her background; she

. began her twenty-five career in psychiatry and met her husband while working in Forensics;
. has a strong interest in mental health and addictions;
. has three sons and the entire family has embraced the curling, skiing, and many other
  wonderful things that the Thunder Bay area offers;
. loves the new healthcare facility that she is leading;
. has a great management team and partners who use a consensus model of decisionmaking (one whereby every stakeholder has its particular view heard and then all accept a common decision in a give and take manner);
. described the influence on her plans of author Charles Boelan ("Towards Unity of Health) and Stephen Lewis (advisor to all of Canada's provincial Premiers), as well as Dr. Roger Strausser of Lakehead University;
. described the hospital's new healthcare vision of "Healthy Together", with four phases of Strategic Planning--the implementation stage being the most challenging;
. addressed acute care, stressed the need for prevention and promotion, particularly in the face of child obesity, and highlighted chronic disease, aboriginal health, and accountability thrusts;
. outlined the vision, mission, and values of her institution with a patient and family-centred core;
. mentioned new government legislation as a guide;
. mentioned the goal to discourage smoking, with the help of Don Edwards' calming, convincing taped messages.

Comments and Questions were forthcoming from Joe McEachern, David Legge, and Joe Vander Wees on the high quality of care (including hospital food), the need for Forensics, and the need for more beds, respectively; Andree said that she is trying to get onion rings off of the menu, will advance a Forensics unit (her and her husband met in such), and will be increasing the number of beds.

Laurie Tulloch thanked Andree for her informative, forward-looking presentation, while emphasizing how wonderful it is that healthcare outreach has been developed locally over the years.

7. The following were announcements--

. Jackie Dojack described Shelter Box's current involvement in aid to Japan and other regions of the world and how our Club members can donate--the toll-free phone number is 1-855-875-4661; the email address is shelterboxcanada%23org|support, and the website for updates is Jim McDonald emailed details to Club members Tuesday afternoon;

. Cheryl Merlo overviewed the Vacation Draw (headed by Frank Zanatta) to take place on
  Mother's Day, Sunday, May 8th; several Club members volunteered their help for tomorrow's
  related event at the Chamber of Commerce;




Cheryl Merlo requests Rotarians to

sign up for Vacation Draw

       Rob Graham overviewed the members of the Club who are ill--
      Don Chase, in the Regional hospital with a hip infection--Floor 3A, Room 322;
      Fred Baker, abdominal aneurysm, available by phone at home;
      Mary Anne Comuzzi, the Regional hospital with a bloodclot in her lung;
      Bill Tomlinson, the Regional, lung operation;
      Mark Sprovieri, blood condition, will be going to Toronto for a stem cell operation;
      Ted Lightfoot, in the Regional;
      Fraser Dougall, available by phone at home;

The Club wishes these members well in regaining good health.

 . Jim McDonald reported how our Club is the leading Club in our District; several members will be attending the upcoming District Conference;

. Merv Halvorsen gave a report on the progress in renovating after the recent fire at his Salvation Army facility; things are coming along well with help with costs very welcomed;

. Jim Mucklow described exchange student Ryan's plans for the coming months--Ryan would enjoy skiing and Jim asked for Club members who could take Ryan on the hills;

8. Laurie Tulloch levied several fines, including for the continuing reference to "the fossils table of members" [Editorial note: fossils are a very important tool in studies to determine the origins of things!]; there were several Happy Dollars, with a special one coming from Harold Wilson for his daughter winning the local schools' Spelling Bee. [This was applauded at several points in the meeting, including by Laurie Tulloch who stated that it promotes the value of literacy to students.]

9. President Dave concluded the formal part of the meeting by reporting that Kevin Holloway's mother is ill and Kevin will be staying with her in Southern Ontario; as well, visiting Rotarian K.S. Joseph has Fort William Rotary House Draw tickets for sale and there will be an Club Executive meeting this Thursday at 8am in the Prince Arthur Hotel.

Jim Colquhoun's ticket # 680 was drawn for the 50-50 draw and he drew the 7 of Spades to the applause of the audience.

[ Editorial Note: After the meeting, visitor Kanishke Baduge commented to the Recorder, Doug
Thom--"You have a wonderful culture here in this room!."]

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