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Rotary Club of Thunder Bay - Port Arthur

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Navigator Mar 29, 2011

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SCRIBE: Dave Silliman

PHOTOS: Rima Cieslik

AT THE DOOR: Merv Halvorsen and Patrick O'Neill


Opened the meeting at noon with O Canada and Toast to the Queen and Canada


Reflection: Think about “God keep our Land, glorious and free” and the freedom we have due to the sacrifices of many in the armed forces and in society.


At the door:  Merv Halvorson and Patrick O’Neil.  Patrick introduced visiting Rotarians and guests.  Dave Silliman read the names of guests of the Canadian Forces Liaison Council which included Thunder Bay Mayor, Keith Hobbs.


Rotary business included

Dew Drop Inn

Shelter Box

Mother’s Day Draw

New Member Induction  Darren Fisk was  inducted by past president, Seppo Paivalainen and sponsored by Johnny de Bakker.

Fred Baker was warmly welcomed back by the club and he handed out a new list of members responsible for the reception table.

Birthday table was introduced  by Art Warwick.  those with birthdays included Bernie Baxter who was celebrating his 80th birthday and Bob Backstrom his 60th


The next part of the program was led by by the Canadian Forces Liaison Council


Visiting members were welcomed by Mayor Keith Hobbs.



Mayor Keith Hobbs thanks the Reservists.  HL Col Vandewater and Major Tabennor with


HLCol Bob Vanderwater introduced Major General Dennis Tabbenor who spoke on his professional military involvement and the imoortance of the reserve units inCanada.


Local businesses were honoured.


Winners included Bearskin Airlines for their support of Cpl. Jeff McKelvie, Lutheran Community Care Centre for their support of Capt. Rev. Neil Otke, Lakehead University who support 2Lt Ian Parker and MCpl Brendhon McCrea, and Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park for supporting MS Bradon Beck.  More information can be found on page 3 of the Chronical Journal March 30, 2011.


Mo Nelson thanked the Canadian Forces Liaison Council.


Mo Also won the Ace of Clubs draw and $10.00.  He drew the 8 of diamonds.



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