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Rotary Club of Thunder Bay - Port Arthur

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Navigator January 25, 2011

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Meeting of January 25, 2011

President David Sillman presiding.
Articles byScribe Joseph Wasielewski. Photos by Kevin Holloway.


Welcoming at the door were Guy O'Brien, Fred Baker and Maria Hudolin.



Visiting Rotarian: Trish Peden (Oakville Trafalgar).
Guests: Maxine Tenander, Rima Cieslik, Tim O'Doherty, Justine Bertrand and Fraser Coull.
Exchange Student: Ryan (Kal-Yang Hsu from Taiwan).
Birthday Greetings for the month went out to Chris Bailey, John DeBaker, Jim Mucklow, Leslie Savitsky.


NewMembers January 25, 2010

At our club meeting, Past President David Legge at the microphone with Maria Hudolin who proposed the inductees, outlines with the background of new members Tim O’Doherty and Rima Cieslik.


Meet Rima Cieslik inducted January 25, 2011







Maria Cieslik is pinned by President David Silliman

Rima Cieslik:

Rima is currently the Audit Manager of the OLG Casino in Thunder Bay.

Here is a brief summary of Rima's background:

Meet Tim O’Doherty inducted January 25, 2011





Presidemt David Silliman pins new member Tim O'Doherty


Tim was a Rotarian in Elora, ON, and has been with OLG many years. Tim is married with children Tim's wife was honored with an allocation recently at Rotary- Business Development in the downtown area.

Tim O’Doherty

Tim is currently the General Manager of the OLG Casino in Thunder Bay .

Here is a brief summary of Tim’s background:

Education : University of Windsor   - BA Criminology
Employer :   Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation - (10 years)
Volunteering :

  • St Martin Catholic School - School Council (current)
  • Thunder Bay Ontario Public Service United Way Committee (current)



  • image 

    Welcoming new members to the club. From the left Maria Hudolin, new Rotarian Rima Cieslik, new Rotarian Tim O'Doherty, Past President David Legge, President David Silliman


    GUEST SPEAKER : Maxine Tenander


    David Legge introduced Maxine Tenander who graduated from the University of Toronto with a degree in Pharmacy and has practiced her profession in Thunder Bay since 1972.

    Maxine is a member and past president of the Ontario College of Pharmacists. The College was incorporated and the Pharmacy Act came into existence in 1871 instrumental in establishing Provincial standards of practice including appropriate documentation.

    The Health Protection Act of 2007 enabled the practice of Pharmacy Technicians who perform tasks to help free up the Pharmacists professional time.

    Pharmacists provide services for health maintenance and for the appropriate use of pharmaceuticals for those who are ill.

    The Pharmacist's scope of practice has evolved and expanded from the 20th to the 21st century becoming an integral member in a multidisciplinary health care team including medication checks to prevent adverse effects and cross reactions, home care, diabetic care, smoking cessation and more recently working in conjunction with the health care practitioner to adapt, ie. alter the dose or dosage form or route of administration of certain medications and extend, ie. prescribe and provide additional quantities of certain drug presciptions.

    Maxine was thanked by Jim Colquhoun.

  • image





    Maxine Tenander addresses the Port Arthur Rotary Club with 'Pharmacy in the 21st Century











    Club President Dave Silliman thanks Maxine Tenander for her presentation



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