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Rotary Club of Thunder Bay - Port Arthur

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Navigator Aug 30/11

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CHAIR:   Art Warwick


SCRIBE:  David Silliman




REFLECTION/GRACE   Art Warwick shared a prayer from the Apache tradition reflecting on gratitiude, for each moment given to us in life and for sun and moon and the beauty of our surroundings.




AT THE DOOR:  Rima Cieslik and Jackie Dojack

SCRIBE:   David Silliman

PHOTOS:  David Legge


INTRODUCTION OF GUESTS:  Rima introduced Nathan Lawrence, Michael Nitz, and Jessica Leinich guests of Frank Zanatta and program presenters, Brian Arbour, guest of Vonnie Cheng and prospective member, Jordan Lester, guest of Johnny de Bakker and prospective member, Heather Minthorn, guest of Alexandra Erickson and perspective member, Peter Marchl, guest of Chris Bailey.




Art Warwick read a thankyou letter from Kevin and Mary Holloway


Laurie Tulloch will be chairing the meeting on September 6.




David Silliman reported on the people serving at the Dew Drop Inn.  250 people served at a cost of $192.00.


Jim Mcdonald encouraged people to enter the East Range Golf Tournament next year. 

Jim also announced the twentieth anniversary celebration of the Nipigon Rotary club on October 19.  It is hoped that Rotarians from Thunder Bay will be able to take a bus to the Nipigon event.  Contact Jim McDonald for more information.


Jackie Dojack reported on the Shelter Box East Africa appeal. Gifts to Shelter Box will be matched by the Canadian Government by September 16.


Rick Clara reported on the next Carol Sing on December 18.


Bob Tomlinson reported on the Shelter House annual food drive at Metro Foods on River Street.  Date is Saturday, September 24.


Art Warwick introduced those at the Birthday August 6, Laurie Tulloch -  Agugust 16, Doug Shanks - August 25, Judi Turner.


Program: SHIFT program introduced by Frank Zanatta and thanked by Darren Fisk. The dynamic trio consisting of Michael Nitz Past President), Jessica Leinich (Coordinator intern) and Nathan Lawrence (President) gave a fulsome account of SHIFT, the Young Professional's Network. This was an energetic presentation using Powerpoint and Video. The organization embodies the optimism of young businessmen and women in Thunder bay. Details can be obtained at:


Chair Art Warwick noted the similarity in goals and approaches between Shift and Rotary.



Laurie Tulloch served as fine master.


Jim Mcdonald won the ten dollars in the 50/50 Ace of clubs draw.


Art Warwick ended the meeting with a quotation,  “Values are the stars by which we navigate our lives.”





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