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Rotary Club of Thunder Bay - Port Arthur

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Field of Green Project

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A Partnership between Port Arthur Rotary Club and the Salvation Army Thunder Bay

Project Concept: Develop a combination Vegetable Garden-Recreational Area on vacant north side lot of the Salvation Army Men’s Hostel, North Cumberland Street.   Rotarians are partnering with the administration and residents of the Salvation Army, community organizations such as the Food Security Research Network, and many local businesses to achieve this goal. As the garden develops, the residents will take over ongoing care and nurturing.

Goals: The veggie garden will supply a large percentage of fresh vegetables for the resident’s immediate use (full service cafeteria and kitchen on site) as well as their own Food Bank. The recreational area (basketball court et al) will provide important exercise opportunities, not otherwise met, for long term residents. 

An Opportunity for the Community: We are inviting interested businesses to contribute to the start-up of this project. This can be in the way of in kind donations, services/merchandise at cost, or even human resources. All contributions will be suitably acknowledged.

Interested parties: Please contact: Chairs Kevin Holloway (cell:628-2818; tbaytel%23net|holloway), Art Warwick (cell: 621-2102; tbaytel%23net|awarwick), or club President David Legge (983-2155; tbaytel%23net|dlegge).


December 17and December 21, 2010

Past President David Legge is pleased to announce that the large sign naming the Field of Greens as a joint project of Rotary and The Salvation Army has been installed at the Field of Greens site.  Thanks to Rotarian Rene St. Jacques for the installation done earlier Friday afternoon.    On Tuesday afternoon, a work party of David Legge, David Silliman and Kevin Holloway put the finishing touches of paint on the wooden supports for the Field of Greens Sign

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The Garden and its produce: 
Some of the Rotarians who have helped with the Field of Greens Project:
Mary Anne Commuzi, President Dave Silliman, Past President David Legge, Joe Vanderwees, President-Elect Kevin Holloway, Major Merv Halvorsen. Sept 2010
 - Harvesting the produce from the left Club President Dave Silliman, Rotarian Joe Vanderwees, Sept 2010
The garden in late July 2010 with one of the newly planted apple trees in the foreground and the gazebo that we moved in the background.
The garden during late July 2010 showing rows of cabbage, onions, celery
 Rotarian and residents of the Salvation Army Hostel working the potato patch during late June 2010.  From the left Rotarian Alex Matiece, Joe Vanderwees and 3 residents.


It all started from scratch not that long ago! 


The picture above was taken May 2010
Today we have a great garden that continues to grow.  Port Arthur Rotary is extremely proud of our "Field of Greens" project!
The picture above was taken July 2010! 
Past Reports:
June 15, 2010 Report:

President Dave advised the membership that there is still time for Rotarians and Friends to donate to this project. 

He also mentioned that he was looking for suggestions to make the area more secure. Because it is such as open area, vehicles can drive right up into the site and cause damage to the area.   The Earth Boxes are also very accessible and susceptible to theft. 

Kevin Holloway, through Vanderwees Greenhouses and Thunder Bay Co-op, are planning to move forward on the deer fence.  More information will follow.

Joe Vanderwees reported that the vegetables are doing extremely well! 



Sat May 8Donation-courtesy of C & C Plumbing.  Stephen Cameron, and crew from C & C Plumbing (The Waterworks) installed an underground waterline from the back of the Salvation Army building into our garden area.  They installed two taps to allow convenient watering.  When he first looked at the project Stephen said "we will do this for you- its the kind of thing our company does to support community gardens"  Stephen noted that they installed the water system in the Cancer garden on Balmoral a few years ago.
Monday May 10: On Monday evening the following Rotarians assisted in the potato prep work at Vanderwees greenhouse:
Joe Vanderwees, Doug Thom, David Legge, David Silliman and Kevin Holloway.
While we were there a tour groups organized by an investors meeting/supper were shown our work station and we had a chance to highlight the project - probably close to 50 individuals got an impromptu  talk. So we accomplished potato prep and public awareness.

Rotary Work Party Saturday May 15


A great job done Saturday by Rotarians and Salvation Army Staff & Residents!


On Saturday May 15 the following Rotarians assisted planting potatoes, digging and planting fruit trees at the Salvation Army site. They worked from 10 to 12:30, some came back for another hour at 3 pm.  Lunch was provided by the Sally Ann. 

Chris Bailey, Jim Colquhoun, Mary Anne Commuzzi, Bill Everitt, Merv Halvosen, Joe Vanderwees, Doug Thom, David Silliman, Kevin Holloway, Joe McEachern, John Stewart, Laurie Tulloch, Art Warwick.  In addition, joining in the work were 18 staff or residents of the Salvation Army,  and 6 staff or residents of the Salvation Army Habitat program. ( We have all the names documented thanks to Doug Thom).  Also a good number of the residents did some hole preparation and earth leveling earlier in the week.  

On Saturday, there were a total of  37 workers - it looked fabulous!
Art's truck was used to transport fertilizer & soil. The trees were deliverd by Vanderwees greenhouse, Joe brought the 75 lbs of spuds and Kevin Holloway picked up the maple trees from Landale Gardens.
The week of May 10 - 14:  Residents of the Salvation Army took charge of the final leveling of the topsoil in preparation for the planting of the vegetables and started to pre-dig the holes for the fruit trees. On Friday, Rotarian Kevin Holloway and resident Mark Myers, started enlarging of the fruit tree holes needing both brute force and pick, shovel, and prybar to make a dent in the hard packed gravel and boulder field.
Monday May 17
More topsoil ordered and delivered from Gordon Richards - 15 cu ft.  If this is too much then we will stockpile it. This will be delivered later today. Merv & Marilyn and residents will be getting this earth leveled after delivery. 
Future needs:
We need some more trunk covers for some of the trees.  Also some coarse mulch or wood chips spread around the trees ( 4 ft radius) would be good.  The trees should get a pail of water every 2-3 days.  The potatoes must rely on mother earth for water.
Joe Vanderwees is anxious to plant the onions & leeks, so we will need a small work party later this week. About 5 people. Followed by another big planting party later this month.
The photos are a look at some of the work after everyone went home.  Major Merv will put together a slide show to put on before tomorrow's meeting.
Next jobs are - we need to link up a Rotarian to each of the following to guide it though
1.  Finish the planting.
2.  Organize the gazebo move
3.  Research and procure the benches
4.  Install the basketball post. (Roly Turner)
5.  Trailer and pole move.
6.  Permanent sign design and install
A.   Also a Media release and appeal for sponsors needs developing, (Mary Ann Cummuzi offered to help)
B.   A gardening chore/check off list needs developing for watering and weeding/inspecting. (Marilyn perhaps you could set this up). 

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