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St. James Public School Partnership

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Rotary-St. James Public School Partnership


The Rotary-St. James Public School Partnership was initiated during the 2013-14 school year with the official signing of the agreement in January 2014.

St. James Public School has been identified as a high needs elementary school within the Lakehead Public Schools. St. James has been a JK-Grade 6 school for several years with approximately 160 students.  There has been approximately a 50% turnover of students each year during the life of the Partnership.

 St. James Public School

The school population has a large transitional population as well as frequently receiving children of immigrant families.

Priority Areas

The Partnership identified four priority areas that coincided with both the goals of the school and priorities of Rotary International: Literacy, Fitness, Leadership, and Community.

The Partnership was also based on sound educational research that has shown that schools can make a difference; that leadership from the principal is critical in successful change; that the involvement of parents and the community are important components of successful school improvement initiatives.


Over the four years of the Partnership activities have included the provision of adult Readers who listen to, assist, and read with children in the primary grades. Up to a dozen Rotarians and their partners or friends have participated in the Reading program each year. A Reading Helpers Handbook has been developed to assist with new Reader orientation.

  Rotarian Brenda Winter reading with one of the studensRotarian David Legge reading with one of the studentsRotarian Jim Coluqhoun reading with one of the students


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