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Rotary Club of Thunder Bay - Port Arthur

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New member Induction Ceremony

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RI Induction Ceremony (see pg 16 in RI New Member Orientation booklet)


The Sergeant at Arms calls to the podium the Inductee, the Sponsor and a Past President who will preside over the ceremony. The current President is also required to be at the podium. The current President will need to have the new members pin and the new members information package ready at hand.


The sponsor has an opportunity to outline some of the essential qualities of the inductee – their job, volunteer work, accomplishments etc. This should be limited to less than one page or no longer that 3 minutes.


The Past President will say:


__________ (name the inductee), you have been proposed for membership in the Rotary Club of Thunder Bay (Port Arthur) by Rotarian ______________(the sponsor) and approved by the club members. Therefore it is my pleasure to formally induct you into the club.


The principles, responsibilities, and obligations of Rotary have been explained to you, and you have expressed your willingness to become a Rotarian. No one is eligible to become a Rotarian unless, in his or her business or professional life, he or she endeavors to practice the principles of goodwill and service.


The members of this club have invited you to join them because they believe you are already actuating these principles. In electing you to membership, we are doing more than taking you into our fellowship — we are making you a trustee with us of Rotary’s ideals. Knowing you to be a Rotarian, the world will henceforth judge Rotary by your conduct.


Membership in Rotary is an honor and privilege, and every privilege has its corresponding obligations. One of the special obligations of membership is regular attendance at the weekly meetings; it is the basic method of fulfilling the principle of fellowship as well as a way of representing your vocation.


Every member is expected to perform his or her share of club and community service, and the committees of the club will afford you opportunities to serve. For your first year as a member of this club, we have a mentorship program that will help you learn about the committees and the activities that we participate in. Your mentor will be __________ (name the mentor).


Last, but by no means least, is our ideal of friendship. As you expect to receive, so give. May you be stimulated by the friendship you find here, and may we in return know you to be an added source of strength to our club.


I suggest also that as you travel, you avail yourself of the special opportunity you will have to attend Rotary meetings and meet Rotarians throughout the world. This is another very rewarding benefit of your membership.


And now, President __________(name the current President) will pin this Rotary emblem on you and declare you to be an active member of this Rotary Club. You are urged to wear this pin to identify your membership and promote Rotary. President ________ will also provide you with a package of Rotary information and I ask that you review the Objects of Rotary and the Four-Way Test that forms the criteria for Rotarians in the things we think, say and do.


“Is it the Truth, Is it Fair to All Concerned, Will it Build Goodwill and Better Friendships, and Will it be Beneficial to All Concerned.”


Welcome to Rotary! We ask that you also make a commitment to enjoy Rotary and the fellowship offered by our members. We all look forward to the enrichment of our lives as well as your own, by your association in this, the world’s oldest, largest and finest service organization.


Will the members please stand.


It is my privilege and honor to induct you, __________ (name the new Rotarian), as a member of the Rotary Club of Thunder Bay (Port Arthur).

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