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Rotary Club of Thunder Bay - Port Arthur

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Meeting of  November 30, 2010


 Matt Diegel and Fred Baker were on the door/reception desk;

. The meeting opened with Oh Canada (gentleman Joe Vander Wees at the piano) followed by a reflection on reflections by President David Silliman;
. Mat Diegel introduced the Guests and Visiting Rotarians: Guests--Natalie O'Doherty (Heart of the Harbour BIA); Rima Cieslik (OLG Casino); Tim O'Doherty, husband of Natalie (OLG Casino); Mario Crudo (Magnus Theatre, today's guest speaker); Visiting Rotarian--K.S. Joseph of the Fort William Rotary Club;
. Don Chase introduced the many (It was a cold Spring!) for the Birthday Table: Vonnie; Fred; Merv; David (Legge); Jim (Colquhoun); Jackie; and Bill (Green);
At the Birthday Table from the left were: Major Merv Halvorsen, Jim Colquhoun, Jackie Dojack, David Legge, Fred Baker


. President David reported on the Dew Drop Inn of last Thursday--140 people were served beef on a bun; David thanked the many Rotary members who helped out (duties  now include washing the dishes) and mentioned that soup spoons are needed by the facility;
. Art Warwick was unanimously elected as next year's President, and Club members were asked to complete the ballot for Board of Directors (10) on the lunch tables by the end of today's meeting;
. Natalie O'Doherty presented a plaque to President David on behalf of the Heart of the Harbour (new name,The Waterfront District), BIA group in appreciation of our Club's contribution to the Pirates' Cove Children's Festival 2010 when the tall ship was docked in Thunder Bay last summer;
BIA's Natalie O'Doherty presents President Dave Silliman with a plaque of appreciation
. Bob Backstrom, organizer of Rotary Radio Day, gave an inspirational talk on the planned Day, mentioning that $30,000 from the revenue is designated for Rotary's Polio Plus program;
Rotarian Robert Backstrom presenting the 2011 Rotary Radio Days plan to our meeting. 
. Mat Diegel spoke about our Club's exchange student, Ryan, needing a new host family from the end of December to next Easter--please contact Mat about this; John Stephenson described what a fine young man Ryan is and encouraged Club members to contact Mat;
. Leslie Savitsky presented a thank you list for the Santa Claus Parade 2010;
. Jim McDonald reported on Rotaract's Christmas Boxes of Hope and sand bag sales--100 boxes are involved and the Rotaracts welcome any help from Club members with selling sand bags on the Canadian Tire store parking lot, near Starbucks, in the Thunder Mall on Saturday December 4th and Sunday December 5th;
. Laurie Tulloch gave additional praise to Leslie Savitsky for her leadership of the Santa Claus Parade event;
. Martti Tenander asked members to inform him of any Club members who are sick;
. the staffing of the Salvation Army bubbles was reported to be full--thank you all!;
. David Legge gave a warm welcome and introduction to today's Guest Speaker, Mario Crudo the head of Magnus Theatre (The Dr. S. Penny Petrone Centre for the Performing Arts).
 Mario delivered an excellent presentation that covered the following:
-the history of Magnus Theatre
-the volunteer Board of Directors
-attendance at performances
-themes of the performances: past, present, and future
He described how Magnus sometimes travels to other provinces such as Alberta, supports playrights (of late, aboriginal ones), has been able to pay off debts particularly due to the late Dr. Penny Petrone's generous financial support, has an apprenticeship program, and promotes leadership of the Arts. In choosing its performance themes,The Theatre strives to embrace important contemporary issues such as racism, literacy, bullying, and single-parent families. Magnus partnered with Conferation College on a performance with a literacy theme. 3,000 to 5,000 people attend the Magnus Theatre peformances, depending on the theme.
Martti Tenander gave a very thoughtful thank you to Mario for what indeed was a thorough and inspirational presentation; 
. President David read a wonderful thank you letter from the Thunder Bay Baseball Association to Warren Philp, complimenting him on his leadership of the very successful "Worlds" baseball tournament that was held in Thunder Bay this past summer. Also, David paid a special happy dollar for Club member Bassie Kargbo's flying to Sierra Leone, West Africa on December 5th to coordinate our Club's Mabureh school/community project;
. Next week's speaker will be Ellen M. from EcoSuperior and the Santa Claus Parade winners will be announced;
. Winner of the 50-50 draw was Guy O'Brien; in the pot was $280 and Guy drew the 9 of hearts (not the required card required to win it all) so the pot amount increases;
. While waiting for David Legge's team to tally the new Board of Directors ballot, the finemaster collected fines and happy dollars from Bonnie M., Kevin H., K.S. Joseph, Murray B. and Frank Z. (now together at TD Waterhouse), John S., Leslie S., Joe V., and Joe Mc. Of special note, John Stewart paid a happy dollar sparked by his fond memories of his involvement with Magnus Theatre, working with our past Club member Arne Westlake and current Club member Bill Everitt.  
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