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Meeting of  NOV 16, 2010


President David Sillman presiding, Minutes taken by Doug Thom, Photos by Kevin Holloway. 


. Oh Canada (played by Joe Vander Wees)

 . Moment of Silence  

. Thanks to Bob Tomlinson and Bill Green on the door


. Visiting Guests: Ruth Squires (Travel, Club guest); Rob Kilgour (Red Cross, guest of Merv Halverson.); Justine Bertrand (Regional Hospital, guest of Bill Everitt);


.  Laurie Tulloch and Leslie Savitsky on the Santa Claus Parade, Saturday November 13th—60 floats; 


. David Legge—returned from Africa, a fascinating experience where he saw first hand the “have not” situation there; announced the nomination of next year’s Club President—Art Warwick;


. Jim McDonald on the Rotary Foundation—have donations in by mid-December for Income Tax;


. Bill Green—need 16 more people on the Salvation Army Kettles, November 27th and December 4th;


. the Vanderwees Party is on this Saturday starting at 6:30pm; 30 exchange students; 160 persons total so far; live entertainment; 


 . President David announced that next week’s speaker is Roly Turner, District Governor; also, an Executive meeting of the Club will be held this Thursday at 8am at the Ramada Prince Arthur; 

. Irene Kowalski is developing the Club website—send any webpage information to Kevin Hollaway;


. Maria Hudolin mentioned Shelter Box Canada (a new brochure on the lunch tables) as an idea for Christmas giving; also, thank you to all (including David Legge, Pritam Lamba, and Doug Thom) for helping with the Rotary Clubs of Jamaica “Race to Literacy Project” of this past Spring 2010—The Rotary Clubs of Jamaica is now the official holder of the Guinness World Record for the Most Books Donated to Charity in Seven Days—657,061 books!


. Laurie Tulloch—levied several justifiable fines; Happy Dollars came from Irene Kowalski, Bill Everitt, Colin Bruce, Bernie Baxter, Matthew Daigle, and Art Warwick;


. Guest Speaker—Claude Gingras of Bombardier; he has returned to Thunder Bay after working with the company in Quebec;


- an excellent speaker who gave a wonderful description of Bombardier, past (particularly from 1992 on), present, and future; 

- Bombardier is a world/global class organization built on impressive facts and principles, including the following—creativity; passion for safety; operating in 60 countries; employing 63,000 people worldwide; covering transportation and aerospace; effectively managing the many requests and risks involved in its industry; effectively addressing products and solutions; quality leadership; having four key certifications; keeping abreast of environmental concerns; 

. Head and Global Offices are in Bruno, Quebec (Montreal) and Germany, respectively;

 . 69% of revenue comes from Europe and 11% from North America; 

. Some of Bombardier’s major rail car projects are with Toronto and Ottawa; the Ontario market for the future looks excellent with major projects in Hamilton, Waterloo, and Pearson Airport; also, state-of-the-art light rail cars (e.g., with the latest handicapped access and reduction of Greenhouse Gas emission and climate change features) are being developed for Toronto—the time is right for Bombardier’s product; 


 Joe Vander Wees aptly thanked the very accomplished Claude, Joe mentioning that he was an employee of Can Car ( which became Bombardier) in 1953 and, as a City Councillor assisting with Bombardier being awarded Toronto contracts, and Claude pointing out that he himself is one of Joe’s customers (!); Merci Beaucoup! Thank you, Claude! 

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