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Rotary Club of Thunder Bay - Port Arthur

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NAVIGATOR , MAY 31, 2011

Photos: Judi Turner and Bob Tomlinson

Scribe: Dave Legge

At the Door: Darren Fisk and Fred Baker

President Silliman opened the meeting at 1205.

His reflection dealt with generations as in Robert Frost's poem " A Road less Travelled"


Darren Fisk welcomed:

Clint Kuschak   Asst District Governor 5580

Ryan Hsu     Exchange student

Eric Everett   Guest of Jaro Kotalik

Pat Boileau and Alexandra Erickson (see below)

Seamus Postuma  (guest speaker (see below)




-Vonnie Cheng was hailed for her superb volunteerism with the Alumni Association at Lakehead University. Congratulations to Vonnie!

-Art Warwick is organizing the Citizenship Awards at north end high schools (Volunteering to present were: Jaro Kotalik (Hammarskjold);

Dave Silliman (LaVerendrye); Warren Philp (St Ignatius); Laurie Tulloch (Superior CVI)

-Clint Kuschak announced that Ramesh Ferris, who cycled across Canada for Rotary and POLIO AWARENESS and was feted in Thunder Bay,

will return to Thunder Bay this week. Those interested can meet with Ramesh at the Lakehead Rotary Club's am meeting this coming Thursday

morning (speak to Clint re details and booking). He has a book for sale ($20).

-Judi Turner thanked those who served at the DEW DROP INN last week.

-Johnny DeBakker is promoting tickets to the Katie Ishkin shag (marriage in the fall ) this Friday at the PA Prosvita. Tickets available at $2.00 a pop.

-John Stewart confirmed the beginnings of the PA Rotary History Project. Requests for material are extended. Anyone with office space? please speak to John.

History Committee reps are required.

-Jackie Dojack for Sick and Visiting; Art Warwick is still recovering from minor surgery; hopefully back next week.

-Bob Tomlinson on SHELTERHOUSE BBQ at Chippewa Park this coming Saturday June 4th. It's great fellowship and we do commit to ROTARY

SHELTERHOUSE. Dress warmly. Rush hour is usually 11:30 to 2:00pm. Call Bob asap if not already signed in.



Guest Speaker: Thunder Bay athlete (and neighbour of President Silliman)-SEAMUS POSTUMA

SEAMUS was at ease discussing his life as a high level Canadian college football player.

The 6 ft 3 in 300 lb DL for the Windsor Lancers is an all-star at collegiate level and spoke through

a Q & A format about life at this level. Amongst the "panel" were: Dave Silliman, Jim MacDonald

and Laurie Tulloch (all ex-footballers). There was discussion on discipline, hard work, balancing sport

with academics (Seamus is in the Social Work programme), medical areas like concussions and performance

enhancing drugs and more.

Seamus would savour the possibilty of moving to the pro ranks, but would not sacrifice his academic career

in this was not to be.

This was a satisfying format/program. Seamus was thanked by ex-footballer and bruiser Jim McDonald.




DL Windsor Lancers football





President Dave was pleased to welcome into the club, PATRICK BOILEAU and ALEXANDRA ERICKSON




 Bob Tomlinson reads out his carefully prepared induction speech to

Pat Boileau and Alexandra Erickson, as Dave Legge stands back in the


 A hearty welcome to Rotary to both Pat and Alexandra (readers can view the website for more details on Pat and



Laurie Tulloch as master of all trades, handled the birthday table (the jokes were groaners, but ya, quite funny),

 as well as...

the fines and happy dollars, securing cash from  Vonnie, Frank Z, Mat D, Rene St.J, Joe McEach,

Jim McD, Jaro, and Freddie B.



50/50 Draw:

Alex Matiece picked the King of Spades. He cannot be a winner all the time (after that load of pickerel)



President Dave closed the meeting at 1:05 pm




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