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Rotary Club of Thunder Bay - Port Arthur

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Navigator May 24, 2011

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Meeting of May 24, 2011

President-ELECT KEVIN HOLLOWAY presiding.
Articles Recorded by Scribe DavID LEGGE and transcribed by Kevin Holloway.
Welcoming at the door were Fred Baker and Merv Halvorsen.

Guests introduced by Merv Halvorsen: Karl Wahl (Fort William Rotary), Chris Wilkinson guest of David Legge and Wally Drohan (Guest of Bob Tomlinson)


The meeting began at noon with the singing of O Canada. A Reflection by Kevin Holloway related that although the issues reported by the media are sometimes depressing and show difficulties others are facing, we as Rotarians should focus on the good Service and Fellowship opportiunities we have as Rotarians.  As  individuals we should embrace the opportunities the lie in before us and savout all the good things that we have and can do. The reflection was followed by a toast to the Queen and Canada.

Aftrer a 10 min. break for fellowship, Kevin Holloway called the meeting to order.



1.  Pancake Breakfast.  Jim MacDonald announced Board approved plans to host a pancake breakfast available to those walking to the Blues Fest.  The breakfast will be held on July 8-9 at he the Branch 5 Legion on Van Norman St.  We will need volunteers for the 4 hour shift.


2. Dew Drop Inn.  Judi Turner announced that we would be provided the food for the Dew Drop on this Thursday May 26.  Volunteers are needed please.


3. Field of Greens: David Legge thanked the participants from the recent workparties:  We had  successful potato prep work party at 7 pm at Vanderwees on May 19 thanks to Kevin Holloway, David Legge, Doug Thom, Joe Vanderwees, Bob Tomlinson (and spouse Joanne), Warren Philp, Justine Bertrand.

On Saturday May 21 a work party at 10 am Sat May 21, at the Salvation Army site for the Field of Greens we completed the following tasks - potato planting, seed planting and gazebo painting: Thanks to those attending: Kevin Holloway, Joe Vanderwees, Doug Thom, Chris Bailey, David Legge, Bill Everitt, Justine Bertrand, Jim Mucklow, Vonnie Cheng.


David Legge made an appeal to the club members for interested members to take an active role in the leadership of this project.  We need a new project manager to allow Pres-elect Holloway to devote his time to the upcoming job of club president.  There will be a lot of help and support for the new project chair. Pleae contact David Legge or Kevin Holloway.


4. The Rotary website, and newsletter.  Kevin Holloway outlined the changes we have seen from the printed & emailed newsletter of 3 years ago (thanks Bob Tomlinson) through the brilliant  web site designed by Rotarian Irene Kozlowski, to the Newsletter that is produced within the website.  The weekly effort has be carried by David Legge with help from Kevin Holloway

Ideas to resolve this were suggested by Rotarians present::  A roster for Navigator notes be used in a manner similar to the roster for the reception desk.  A smaller group 'cadre' of interested Navigator scribes be used for the note taking.  A training session for those interested in working on the web or Navigator will be organized and taught by Irene Kozlowski at 11 am Tuesday June 7, 2011 at the Prince Arthur.  This session will take about 45 min.  Thanks to Irene for offering to organize this.

Meeting Program: Guest Speaker His Worship Mayor Keith Hobbs


After an introduction by Kevin Holloway a presentation was made by our Mayor. 

Topics presented included initiatives & decisions relating to: 

community safety,
the waterfront,
the windfarm,
the multiplex,
youth and inclusion of the first nation people.
city beautification,
the cities strategic plan.

The Mayor commented on many of the difficult issues facing Thunder Bay and how he wishes to deal with them.  

Rotarians attending this meeting had many question which were answered in an honest and considered fashion.  Harold Wilson thanked the Mayor for the presetnation ending with a warm comment that his worship was truly 'engaged' in his position as Mayor.


Fine master for the day was Laurie Tulloch and happy dollars were spoken to by Alex Matiece, Marian Hudolin, Matt Diegel, Iren Kozlowski, Harold WIlson, Roly Turner and Bob Tomlinson.


Roly Turner won the 50-50 draw but drew the Ace of Spades. 

The meeting was closed at 1:01 by Kevin Holloway.


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