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Rotary Club of Thunder Bay - Port Arthur

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Navigator May 17, 2011

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Meeting of May 17, 2011

President David Sillman presiding.
Articles by Scribe Dave Silliman . Photos by Justine Bertrand.


Welcoming at the door were Jackie Dojack and Laurie Tulloch.

Meeting began at noon with the singing of O Canada and the toast to the Queen and Canada.


Dave Silliman gave the meal reflection based on the traditional hymn, “For the Beauty of the Earth”, commenting on the wonders of wild life and the natural setting in the area, the gift of community and the gift of food.


Laurie Tulloch and Jackie Dojack served at the reception desk.  Jackie introduced the guests of the club, many of whom would be introduced during presentation time. 


Frank Zenatta summarized the Mother’s Day Vacation Voucher Draw and presented certificates to the winners who were club guests.  See web site.

Here Shawn Friesen from Expedia stands with winners of the Vacation Draw: (left to right) Anne Peterson (first prize), Ethel Simpson and Kathy Widera



In addition to the winners of the vacation draw our list of guests included Jacqueline Gauthier, counselor,  Josee Malette, Taylor Thiessen, S. Thakoddick and Yohan Khani Kilelyfrom ESC de La Verendrye,  Moira Haggerty, Melissa Templeman, Erin Hennel, Maranda Dumas, and counselor Joe Valenti Hammarskjöld High School, Shaun Friesen, Expedia, Alexandra Erickson, guest of Bob Tomlinson, Angelica Zucchiatta, exchange student going to Finland, selected RYLA Campers, Alex Armstrong, Emily Koehne and Shannon Kilely.




Cheryl Merlo introduced RYLA Students


Matthew Diegel introduced Angelcia who said a few words concerning her exchange to Finland.


Jackie Dojack commented that Don Chase is recovering in St. Joseph’s Hospital.


Frank Zenatta introduced the Vacation Draw prize winners.


Dave Silliman spoke about the Dew Drop Inn meal to be served on May 26.  Judi Turner will be in charge.


Kevin Holloway announced the happenings at the Field of Greens. Thursday evening will be potato cutting at Vandeerwees Greenhouse.  Saturday we be potato planting at 10 am.


Jim McDonald spoke of the membership dues envelopes available at the front desk.


Roly Turner spoke of an opportunity to meet the Brazil Group Study Exchange members.


Bob Tomlinson announced the upcoming Relay for Shelter event on June 4.

Matt Diegel made an announcement regarding the progress of getting host families for exchange students.  This will be the first year of having no Rotary member host families  


.D. Silliman announced the executive meeting on Thursday at 8:00 am.


Kevin Holloway introduced the high school students from Hammarskjöld and La Legendry schools.  Each student gave an excellent summary of his or her volunteer activities in the community.

 Hammarskjold Recipients


Recipients from Ecole secondaire catholique de La Verendrye


Because of the length and number of announcements and presentations Justine Bertrand postponed her classification talk until another meeting.


Bill Everitt spoke as fine master.


Silliman had time to tell a joke his mother once told.


Fred Baker won ten dollars on the “Ace of Clubs Draw”.













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