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Rotary Club of Thunder Bay - Port Arthur

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NAVIGATOR May 10, 2011


Meeting began at noon with the singing of O Canada and the toast to the Queen and Canada.


Dave Silliman gave the meal reflection from Mary Y. Nilsen.  When a room is illuminated by candles lit one by one, the growing light makes visible the bad and the good when the truth becomes visible.  Such is life, but don’t let the bad overcome the good.


Bill Everitt and Frank Zanatta served at the reception desk.  Frank introduced the guests of the club, many of whom would be introduced during presentation time. 


Frank Zanatta summarized the Mother’s Day Vacation Voucher Draw announcing that the club finished the event making over $6,000.00.  Frank thanked the club members for the increased effort in sales and gave special recognition and thanks to Mary Anne Comuzzi for arranging a large volume of draw ticket sales. Cheryl Merlo and Murray becotte were thanked for their fine efforts on this iniative.


The programs that followed included the student citizenship awards to students from St.Ignatius and Superior Vocational High schools.  Justine Bertrand introduced the winning youths and their school representatives (see photo below). Each gave an account of their activities. Next week; two more high schools.


President Silliman displayed a fine carved wooden plaque presented to the club by the Salvation Army (at their Red Shield Appeal opening house), thanking the club for it's part in developing the Field of Greens



President Silliman with plaque


President-Elect Kevin Holloway announced upcoming plans for the FIELD of GREENS


We will be preparing (red) potatoes at the Vanderwees Green House, May 19th at 1900h

(anyone interested contact Joe, Dave Legge or Kevin)

SPUD planting will be May 21st at 1000 h at the site

Veggy seeding will be either May 28 and/or June 4th

(especially new Rotarians, come on out and have fun..many hands make light work)





Justine Bertrand with student award recipients from St. Ignatius



Two speakers followed, Albert  Hathazi and John Ramage.  See submitted reports.


The first guest Speaker was Albert Hathazi




Albert Hathazi enthuses members 

and guests about modern marketing



Topic: Social Marketing Performance


Get a video and sign up for a FREE report on Social Media Marketing. Stay on Top of Social Media Trends

Get access to free training.


Draw for a $25 Starbucks Gift Card for completing a 9 question survey


The Second Speaker was John Ramage, from Sun Life, explaining the group


who support mental health issues and community assistance.

Contributions for their annual fund raiser and more information from John.



Maria Hudolin reported on the successful “Dance for Memories”,  commenting on the great participation from the community, the free use of Superior High school and the appreciation of the bands representing different decades of dancing.

The 50/50 draw yielded no winner; the pot grows.



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