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Navigator, July 12, 2011

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Reception desk: Harold Wilson and Fred Baker


Scribes: David Legge and Joseph Wasielewski.


Acting President: David Silliman.


Visiting Rotarians: Jim Madder, Red Deer, Alberta.


Guests: Ryan our exchange student, Alfred Best, George Kamtra, Rafael Palacios, Mary Ann Liggins, Bill Liggins, Brian Arbour, Heather Minthorn:

Nora Lorenz (our previous exchange student) and here family from Germany: her father Boie Lorenz, her mother Heimke Lorenz, her sister Viebe Lorenz all guests of Doug Shanks as well as Karen Kemp and Courtney Kemp.






 Nora Lorenz now a veteran at the microphone along with family and former host Doug Shanks family.



Feature Presentation: Classification Talk-Justine Bertrand



Dave Silliman and Justine

after completion of talk on

Forensic OT


After many delays Justine finally  had her time in the sun, with a comprehensive review of FORENSIC OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY; what is it, and how she has emerged as a specialist in this area at the Regional Hospital. A Powerpoint display was used and the audience was very interested in this accounting; many being aware of the basics of occupational therapy (eg the physiotherapist strengthens the client's muscles to lift the glass, the OT then assists the client to drink), but not the forensic application thereof. Justine described the Forensic Unit at TBRHSC as a medium security in-patient secured area, operating under both the Mental Health Act and the Criminal Code of Canada. Clients have been admitted there generally under court order, some criminally responsible, others not criminally responsible for their actions. Their freedoms have been curtailed significantly. The mandate of the therapists was described. Various forms of rehabilitaion and counselling are offered. Disposition options were outlined.

Suffice to say, Justine, who has a Masters degree in OT from McMaster, and who opted not to pursue medicine as a career, has a demanding, responsible but satisfying position. She works with professional colleagues of many stripes, including neurologists,social workers, psychiatrists, physiotherapists, psychometrists etc.

 To cope with the difficulties experienced by her clients, she harkens to the wisdom of one Martha Manning on diagnostic labelling; the danger therein, and the goal of reducing stigma so much perceived by the general public.

The Q & A period was testimony to the interest generated. Justine was thanked by Chair Dave Silliman.




Jim McDonald- pancake breaskfast wrap up with a net loss of approx. $600, but a good trial and fellowship project and the club voted to continue this project for next year's Bluesfest.

Jim also request donations in honor of Ted Lightfoot.


John Stewart and the Rotary History committee has requested historical info to fill in gaps if anyone can contribute. They also need a 4x4foot sheet of plywood for a table top work surface.


David Legge reminded members of the president's farewell dinner at the TBCC this Thursday with a few tickets remaining.


Doug had reluctant Nora give the club an update on her activities.


Murray Becotte needs more golfers for the August tournament and prizes.


Fines and happy dollars were facilitated by Laurie.


50/50 draw drew Alfred Best's number but his card draw was unsuccessful.

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