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Navigator January 18, 2011

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Meeting of January 18, 2011


President David Sillman presiding, Articles by Doug Thom. Photos by Kevin Holloway.

Welcoming at the door were Art Warwick and Fred Baker.


1. President David Silliman opened the meeting at 12 noon. He reflected on the many challenges in society and encouraged Club members to be thankful.

2. O' Canada was played by Merv Halvorsen.

3. Club members had a five minute chat amongst themselves.
4. Art Warwick introduced today's Visitors and Guests--
  . there were no Visitors;
  . Guests were exchange student Ryan (Kai-Yang HSU), Riva Cieslik of the Thunder
  Bay Casino (host--Maria Hudolin), Fraser Coull (host Jeff Peat), and Suzanne Sterling,
  Regional Director of the Canadian Diabetes Association, today's Guest Speaker.

5. Guest Speaker, Suzanne Sterling, was introduced by Frank Zanetta and then presented--


  . she hails from Manitoba and is a graduate of the University of Manitoba;


 Suzanne Sterling,
Regional Director
Canadian Diabetes Association, 
speaking at the Rotary Meeting

. Suzanne's presentation progressed through the following topics--Why care?, As individuals, as business/Professional leaders, Are Your Employees at Risk?, As Canadians, Diabetes-a global epidemic, and Prediabetes & Diabetes. She covered risk factors, the three types of diabetes, and insulin pumps, and highlighted that healthy diet, regular physical activity, and not smoking are excellent diabetes' preventatives.

. Suzanne provided statistics that indicate a high occurence of diabetes among Canadians--especially Type 2 diabetes (adult); predicted is 438 million affected Canadians by 2030;

. then Suzanne gave an overview of the CDA's programs, partnerships, and services (including with respect to education and research)--many millions of dollars are involved--, and

. she concluded with the cases of David Speer and Steven Steele, individuals with diabetes who apparently faced discrimination in their jobs and for which relevant legislation was altered to accomodate them, partly through the support of the CDA.

David Legge and Paul Glowacki had relevant questions of Suzanne regarding the importance of good food in the North and how diabetes affects one's body, respectively.

Cheryl Merlo, on behalf of the Club, thanked Suzanne for her very informative presentation.


6. Finemaster Laurie Tulloch took the floor--
. members paid dollars for the Canadian Diabetes Association and no Rotary pins;
. Happy Dollars were paid by Bob Backstrom, Jim Mucklow, and Jim McDonald--all for different and interesting reasons. Bob is particularly pleased that his daughter, a medical doctor graduate, has a new job in Ottawa.

7. Our Club's Taiwanese exchange student, HSU KAI YANG (Ryan) gave a presentation that covered the following:
. the interesting background of him and his family;


. Taiwan--its history, customs , and food [e.g., moon cake, bubble tea (with pearl]; Taiwan, he says, is "the most friendly country in Asia" and has four major
Festivals, including Chinese New Year (year of the Rabbit this year).



8. Jim McDonald spoke on Rotary Radio Day:
. the Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce is informed of our Club's Rotary Radio Day;
. this Wednesday January 19th, 5-7pm, there is a Rotary Radio Day function at Gargoyles Resturant; Club members who can help please contact Jim;
. Club members who have need of businesses to which to sale ads should contact Jim who can provide some leads.

9. Frank Zanatta reported on the Club's Vacation Draw to take place on Mother's Day, Sunday May 8th.

10. Fraser Coull announced that Rotary Bridge starts next Wednesday and goes to the end of April 2011.

11. President Silliman mentioned that many photos of the newly constructed CanSerra school in Mabureh, Sierra Leone--majority-sponsored by our Club and coordinated by industrious Club member Bassie Kargbo--are currently on the website.

12. Guest Speaker Suzanne drew the ticket for the 50-50 draw; the pot was $342; the winner of $10 was Jim Mucklow whose ticket was drawn last week as well; congratulations Jim, after all of your years in our Club without a win!

13. President David adjourned the meeting with the announcement of a Club Executive meeting this coming Thursday.

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