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Navigator February 8, 2011

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NAVIGATOR February 8, 2011

Bill Green and Bernie Baxter at the Door

Doug Thom scribe

President David Silliman opened the meeting;

. Merv Halvorsen  played a soulful Oh Canada;

. President David gave the Reflection--a table grace prayer of Thanksgiving;

. Bill Green read out the Visting Rotarians and Guests--there were none of the first and guests were Fraser Coull (with Jeff Peat) and Justine Bertrand (with David Legge);

. President David explained his sport jacket and general attire;

. Jim McDonald reported on Rotary Radio Day--all this week, ads can be brought to the Prince Arthur Landing Hotel main lobby desk and all ads are to be in by this Saturday; to receive the final ad submissions, Art Warwick will be at the Prince Arthur on Saturday; Art  thanked all of the ad writers and mentioned that $17,000 worth of ads have been sold to date; congratulations to Jim McDonald who personally has sold 143 ads!

. Frank Zanatta reported on the Vacation Draw;

. Jim McDonald again took the microphone, this time to mention Rotary's 25th Anniversary Dinner to be held at the Knights of Columbus Centre on Syndicate Avenue on Friday February 25th (6pm, symposium; 7pm, dinner), with proceeds to go to Polio Plus;

. Bill Green reported on the Christmas Rotary Kettles--a total of $2,226.50 was collected ($115.50 less than last year); he thanked the 31 volunteers & the two key organizers who were involved;

. Finemaster Laurie Tulloch took over; several fines for improper meeting decorum were levied on particular Club members; there were several Happy Dollars-- Maria Hudolin congratulating Johnny de Bakker for being on today's CBC's show about the Common Ground Cafe, Bill Everitt congratulating Maria Hudolin and Harold Wilson on their photos appearing recently in the local newspaper (The Chronicle-Journal), John Stewart for his being married to Peg for 57 years,  Doug Shanks for the Club's former exchange student Nora (from Germany) coming to Thunder Bay in the near future, Merv Halvorsen for soon to be teaching on an area native reserve, and Bob Tomlinson for the Toronto Maple Leafs beating the Atlanta Thrashers last night; practicing dualistic thinking, Harold Wilson had both a happy and a sad dollar.

. Next, David Legge gave a presentation on malaria--a problematic disease of large
  proportion worldwide:
. malaria is the biggest killer of children globally (David conveyed this fact, early, through a
  cleverly constructed multiple-choice question that he put on his presentation screen) ;
. it is caused by the very small parasite called plasmodium falciparum;
. mosquito bites are the cause of malaria (a single bite can cause it);
. the parasite first gets into one's liver and then invades the red blood cells of the body;
. sticky knobs attach themselves to the red blood cells in the bloodstream of the body;
. David mentioned that our Club member Bassie Kargbo illustrates a case of how malaria
 occurs; Bassie contracted the disease while coordinating the building of our Club's wonderful
 Mabureh CanSerra school in Sierra Leone, West Africa over this past festive season; he is being released from the Regional Hospital soon and fortunately will fully recover;
. In response to David's presentation, Bill Tomlinson mentioned that when he and Bill Green travelled to Peru, they saw lots of mosquitos and that they took malaria pills before going there so as to stay well; David Legge confirmed that the pills are extremely effective.

. Bill Ulakovic drew ticket #457--President David's ticket ( by coincidence?)--David then drew the King of Hearts to win the $10.

. the meeting was adjourned. In the end it was a meeting that encompassed and engaged a very interesting mix of the nature of the Multiverse as it is now construed:diversity; relativity; fact and fiction; generational differences (past, present, and future); nonscience (including the humanities) and science; individualism and collectivism; idealism and materialism; certainty and uncertainty; pink, blue, grey, and other; life and death; and the ever-controversial themes of religion, gender, and politics. All of this was embraced and integrated through the concluding presentations by new and senior Club members Alison and David, respectively, from the appropriately balanced vantage points of the very big (vast) and the very tiny (minuscule) and the importance of an individual case (no matter from where).

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