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Navigator February 15, 2011

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SCRIBE-Joe Wasielewski

PHOTOS-Rima Cieslik

President Dave was in a definite celebratory mood today as the Rotary Radio Day Team Leaders announced an astounding 651 RRD ads had come in on schedule (as at this report, perhaps even a few more!). There was jubilation at this news. All club members participated (including selling at least one ad). The usual Don Chase, John Stephenson, Maria Hudolin numbers were excellent, but how about Jim McDonald at 175 plus/minus!

Outstanding work all.

Cheryl Merlo announced the next steps in the Vacation Draw. A sign up list is circulated for Chamber of Commerce day at Dome.

There was a good crowd in attendance today, with guests including Solade Nicole from Fort William Club and guest of Vonnie Cheng-Brian Arbour.

Welcomed back was our amazing Bassie Kargbo, now recovering from malaria, and so pleased with the completion of the CanSierra-Rotary school in Mabureh (Kissy), Sierra Leone. Bassie thyanked the club for their financial and moral and psychological support. He was accompanied by Marcie Dolci of the local Friends of Mabureh project.

Guest speaker, John Ayearst was introduced by President David Silliman. He is a volunteer with GLOBALMEDIC which is a David McAnthony Gibson Foundation founded by Rahul Singh, a Toronto paramedic, in 1998.

 Their goal is to help those in need around the world by providing relief supplies and equipment. The organization is funded by charitable donations and staffed by volunteers knowledgeable and skilled in emergency services.

John gave us a briefing of his recent experience as part of GLOBALMEDIC's mission to flood ravaged Pakistan.

 Over 20 million Pakistani's were left homeless, clean drinking water was contaminated and cholera and desentery were rampant with local hospitals overflowing with patients.

 GLOBALMEDIC personnel, welcomed by local governments and requiring armed guards, provided field hospitals and water treatment equipment.

 The water purification systems work by filters and UV light . Locals are trained in the use of the equipment and the equipment and supplies are donated to the disaster relief effort on departure of GLOBALMEDIC.

 A recent tally showed $43 billion in damages and still 7 million people homeless.

 John showed a short film of scenes of survival in the flood zone accompanied by an appropriate sound track.

 Bill Ulakovic thanked our speaker.

 50/50 draw: David Legge's number was drawn but he did not draw the ace of clubs.



Welcome back Bassie. A framed photograph of the new school is presented to the club


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Cheryl Merlo announces Rotary involvement at Golf Dome re: Vacation Draw RRD Chair Bob Backstrom about to unleash figures on RRD ads-outstanding




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