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Rotary Club of Thunder Bay - Port Arthur

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Navigator February 1, 2011

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Meeting of February 1, 2011

President David Sillman presiding.
Articles by Scribe Dave Silliman . Photos by Rima Cieslik .


Welcoming at the door were Rob Graham and Mo Nelson.



February 1, 2011




















The meeting began at 12 noon with the singing of O Canada and the toast to the Queen and Canada. 




















For the meal reflection we took a moment to think of things for which to be thankful with a special emphasis on friendship.




















Following a few minutes to visit at tables, “take five”, the visiting rotarians and guests were introduced by Rob Graham.  Guests included Peter Young from the Nipigon Club, Marilyn, Gail, and Cathy from the Salvation Army, Ryan Hsu, Jonathan, Lindsay, and Rachelle, Rylarians, Brownyn, Stacy and Tamara, Rotaract, Lee Silliman, Ernie Dojack, Fraser Coull and Darren Fisk guests of Rotarians.




















The program for the meeting involved presentations and information sharing with members and guests.




















Cheryl Merlo gave information about RYLA and presented the RYLA participatants Jonathan McArthur,Lindsay Steenerson, and Rachelle smith with framed certificates.


Cheryl Merlo and President Silliman present award to 3 RYLArians




















Jim McDonald spoke about the Rotary Foundation and presented one star pins to John Stephenson,  Bruce Nelson, Mo Nelson and Dave Silliman and a four star pin to District Governor, Roly Turner.  Jim and Roly presented Paul Harris Fellowships to Kevin Holloway, Warren Philip, Fraser Coull, Ernie Dojack and Lee Silliman.  Fraser was sponsored by Jeff Peat and Mo Nelson and Lee and Ernie were sponsored by Jackie Dojack and Dave Silliman.


DG Turner pins Bruce Nelson with his 4 star Paul Harris pin.


Mo Nelson looks on with pleasure, receiving his pin.









Ernie Dojack is next up for his pin.


Fraser Coull, son in law of Jeff Peat receives his Paul Harris pin













Jim McDonald announced the Rotary Anniversary Supper on February 25.  Jim has tickets and more information.  The cost is $25/ person.  symposium is at 6pm and dinner at 7pm.  The event will be at the Knights of  Columbus Hall on

Syndicate Ave.
Syndicate Ave.






















Jim McDonald, Bob Backstrom and Art Warwick gave a report on Radio Day.




















Kevin Holloway gave a presentation on the Port Arthur Website while demonstrating the website on the big screen.  It was great to see pictures and information available on the website.  Kevin is looking for someone to post information on the website while he is away on vacation.




















Ryan Hsu was presented with gifts for chinese New Year as well as a belated Christmas gift from Merv Halvorson.





















Dave Silliman gave the Dew Drop Inn Report.  The club serves the lunch on the fourth Thursday of each month.  We served lunch to 150 people in January.




















Irene Koslowski won the Ace of Clubs draw valued at  $363. Congratulations, Irene!!


Kevin Holloway announced he will be away for 62 days. Anyone with computer savvy wishing to assist the Web-Site Team of Irene, Dave Legge, Dave Silliman, Joe Wasielewski and Vonnie Cheng, please notify Dave Legge.



























































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