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Rotary Club of Thunder Bay - Port Arthur

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Navigator December 14, 2010

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Meeting of December 14, 2010


President David Sillman presiding, Articles by Harold Wilson, David Legge and Bill Everitt. Photos by Kevin Holloway.

Welcoming at the door were Jackie Dojack and Fred Baker, aided by David Legge and Bernie Baxter.




Enjoying fellowship prior to the meeting - Rotarian Bernie Baxter and President Dave Silliman


Special Christmas Luncheon Dec 21, 2010

 . Past President David Legge announced details of the special Christmas Luncheon to be held next Tuesday Dec 21. Tickets are to be pre purchased and are $25 - Please see David Legge to reserve yours.

Rotary Carol Sing:

December 14, 2010 by Rick Clara: This year's event occurs on Sunday December 19th at 7:30 pm at St. Paul's United Church on Waverly Street (opposite the park). Please come early to here the Prelude starting at 7:10 by Thunder Brass (with President-Elect Kevin Holloway on the trombone)

We have an exciting line up this year.   Click Here for the Poster 

After Rick's announcement, Rotarian had a surprise treat - The Rotary House Band, consisting of Rob Grady, David Legge, David Silliman and Kevin Holloway, led the group singing of "We Wish You a Merry Christmas"  Those who will be attending the Carol Sing were reminded to be ready to go to the from of the church at the end of the program for this group singing.


Youth Fundraising

 - Margarita Wilson was reading her Dad's Rotarian magazine when she learned about Rotary's Polio efforts. She decided to organize a fundraising bakesale at her elementary school, Nor'Westerview. On Dec. 13&14 she and 4 friends sold baking and Kyle MacKenzie was in charge of the hot chocolate. They raised $90, "enough for 150 vaccinations". Margarita turns 12 next Tuesday and is in Grade 7. Congratulations Margaita!


Kyle MacKenzie and Margarita Wilson at the podium addressing the Port Arthur Rotary Club.

President Dave Silliman after the fundraising presentation with Kyle MacKernzie and Margarita Wilson



Guest Speaker - Rotarian Bill Everitt





 December 14, 2010 report by Bill Everitt - During this special Rotary Attendance Information Program, Rotarians were asked to sit with their Rotary Team Buddies.  This provided a ample opportunity to get to know their team mates.  During the presentation, Bill outlined the Rotary International attendance requirements.

The following discusion topics were posed to the members present. If interested please forward your response directly to your 'Buddy Team' Leader or to Bill Everitt.

Discussion Topics

The following questions have been raised by President David Silliman and President-Elect Kevin Holloway. If time permits team captains are requested to facilitate a discussion on the question assigned to them. Keep some basic notes so we can pass these on to David and Kevin for their consideration.

 1.       Could we use more social time at our meetings in an effort to avoid street voice conversations while others are at the podium presenting?

 2.       What would you like to see happening in the community on behalf of Rotary?

 3.       What are some potentially new fundraising projects?

 4        What is most appealing to you about our regular Rotary meetings?

 5.       What do you think about extending our meetings by 15 minutes to accommodate visiting with fellow members?

 6.       How do you feel about the quality of programs presented this year?


 Read about the presentation by clicking here. 

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