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Rotary Club of Thunder Bay - Port Arthur

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Navigator Aug 17, 2011

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Reception desk: Frank Zanetta and Fred Baker.


Visiting Rotarians: Bert Andreola.

Guests: Marcie Dolce-Such, Camilla Clasen and Stephanie St. Jacques.


Scribe: Joseph Wasielewski.


Photos: Alexandra Erickson.


President Kevin Holloway opened the meeting with the anthem and short reflection. He also gave us one his focused goals for the year and that is recruitment, especially attracting young members into our club.



Maria again mentioned that donation to Shelter Box's East African Appeal by Sept. 16 qualifies for a government matching grant which is may be directed  to a variety of relief organizations operating in East Africa.


John Stewart gave us an update on the Rotary History Project. They have space in Seppo's office and they need a printer (Doug responded to this request) and a sheet of plywood for a table top. An LU student, Ryan, will be assisting in this project.



Bassie introduced Marcie Dolce-Such, an active member in Friends Of Mabureh Organization, who spent the better part of May and June at the elementary/secondary school in Kissi Town in Sierra Leone. The goal is to educate the local youth, girls and boys, so they will realize a life of better opportunity. The school building was constructed earlier this year and an application for official school approval is still pending.

12 qualified teachers basically donate their time teaching elementary school in the am and secondary school in the pm with only a small honorarium from Friends Of Mabureh. A "normal" teacher's salary there is $25/month.

Marcie helped fill in the infrastructure of the school including the library containing donated books and computer room.

There is one functioning gas generator for power.

The bathroom being completed while she was there.

Marcie also brought some fun things for the children including musical instruments, harmonicas and recorders and was able to show the previously made DVD of the school construction and dedication. She also organized a little Reggae dance for the locals.

You can see the appreciation for this project in the faces of the those in the community. Rotary is privileged to play a part.

Marcie was thanked by Patrick Boileau.


Laurie asked for happy dollars.


The 50/50 draw is still alive.


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