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Rotary Club of Thunder Bay - Port Arthur

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NAV Sept 13/11

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Reception desk: Chris Bailey and Art Warwick.


Visiting Rotarian: Paula Timmins.


Guests: Jeanette Momot and William Momot.


Bob needs more volunteers for the Shelter House Food Drive at the River Street Metro store September 24th.

Jackie reminded those of the government matching donation opportunity for East Africa.

Kevin mentioned a pilot Fort William satellite Rotary club for young members (see the district newsletter).

Laurie reminded members of the past president's dinner coming up.

Matthew indicated our Brazilian exchange student is still going through some red tape before arrival.



David Silliman introduced Jeanette Momot who was born, raised and educated in Minnesota and attended graduate school at Iowa State University and worked with Walter Rothenbuhler studying behavioral genetics of honey bees and continued this work at Ohio State University.

The Thunder Bay District enjoys one of the last remaining populations of mite-free bees in the entire world which has been maintained since 1987. This has been done by  not importing bees from outside of the district that may be infected with mites and local beekeepers raising their own own queens and providing beekeepers with a mite-free stock.

Jeanette believes the mite-free status partially explains why local beekeepers have not experienced the Colony Collapse Syndrome which is being experienced worldwide.

Research work on honey bee behavioral genetics identified two genes/genetic traits that explain why some bees are susceptible and others resistant to Colony Collapse Syndrome. One gene is linked to uncapping diseased pupae and another gene is linked to remove infected pupae(hygienic behavior).  

This presentation peaked the audience interest and generated a number of questions.

Jeanette was warmly thanked.


Laurie asked for happy dollars.


50/50 draw saw Murray's number drawn but he did not win the pot which is over $300.


Scribe: Joseph Wasielewski.

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