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MUNA (Model United Nations)

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May 6, 7, 8, 2010

A programme organized and sponsored by the Rotary Club of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

High school students, with their counsellors, take on global citizenship as they model the United Nations Assembly.

An overview of MUNA
The Model United Nations Assembly, or MUNA, is just what the name suggests; a reproduction of the United Nations General Assembly. Approximately sixty to seventy UN member nations are represented in MUNA by two grade 11 and/or grade 12 students. The Rotary Clubs from the United States (Minnesota, North Dakota, and Wisconsin), from Canada (Northwest Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan) - as well as some of the local Winnipeg high schools - select, sponsor and send students to Winnipeg every year to participate in MUNA.
An agenda of topics, closely related to issues before the current UN General Assembly, is prepared for debate several months in advance of the MUNA event, which takes place each year in the month of May. Participating students are expected to diligently acquire information on agenda items about the policies of the country they will represent. The assignment of delegations to strange and unfamiliar countries is one of the notable educational features of MUNA. It enables student delegates to cultivate knowledge and insight into the lives and activities of other countries and people around our world.
When delegations are advised of their country assignment, they will also be informed of the resolutions on which they are slated to speak, either in the Assembly during the opening session or in Committee. On the second day of the MUNA event, each of the agenda items is presented to the General Assembly for final debate and vote. 
MUNA is held in Winnipeg on the south campus of the Canadian Mennonite University, 2316 Grant Avenue. General Assembly seating arrangements approximate those of the UN General Assembly.
For complete information and details please connect to:

 Information Letter to Schools:



Rotary Club of Thunder Bay (Port Arthur)

Box 23016 County Fair,
1020 Dawson Rd
Thunder Bay, ON  P7B 6P1

 January 24, 2011

Department Head and/or Principal


Dear Sir or Madame:

The Rotary Club of Thunder Bay (Port Arthur) is once again pleased to participate in the Model United Nations Assembly (MUNA) to be held on Thursday, Friday & Saturday April 28, 29, and 30, 2011 in Winnipeg.

As has been our practice in the past, we wish to send two delegates to be chosen from the high schools in
Thunder Bay.  Our club will cover all the costs of registration, transportation and accommodation/meals for this event. 


We would like to have your school nominate one or two of your grade 11 or 12 students. A committee of the Rotary Club will then determine the two students picked for sponsorship from the group nominated, as well as two runners up.

An attached information page provides a short summary of this event and includes a web link.



The criteria for selecting the students should be as follows:

a)       Students must be in Grade 11 or 12.

b)       Students should have a strong interest in history/world affairs, be intent on pursuing these areas in the future and be in the top sector of their class.

c)       Students should be outgoing and independent enough to be able to ‘hold their own’ in discussion and debate with other students. In addition the chosen students will need to work closely with their team partner and their counselor.

d)       Students must be prepared to do research and preparation with the help & support of their teacher coach, Mr. D. Hoard, prior to the assembly.



To enable the Rotary Committee to pick from those nominated, we ask each student to prepare a résumé listing academic achievements, goals, and reasons for feeling that he/she would make a good delegate to the assembly.



We would appreciate this submission by Friday, February 11, 2011.  Please forward applications to: Matthew Diegel, 20 Farrand Street, Thunder Bay, ONP7A 3H5.  If you have any questions please contact Matthew Diegel, 344-6822.



Yours very truly,




Matthew Diegel,                                                                                   

International Service, Rotary Club of Thunder Bay (Port Arthur)

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