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  • Tuesday, August 19 Meeting Venue Change - Our noon meeting will be held at the Italian Cultural Center on Algoma Street. Please note that we are looking for 100% attendance from abled Rotarians ...

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  • This Thursday at the Italian Cultural Centre, we will be celebrating the wonderful year that President Judy had with the Rotary Club of Thunder Bay (Port Arthur). Past President Art Warwick ...

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  • Excerpt from email from Gail Kromm re Field of Greens It serves as a cheery update as at June, 2014 (5 th year of project): Kudos again to the vast throng of members who made this a reality. ...

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At Our Club August 26th


President Irene Kozlowski stands with Tim Heney, CEO of the Thunder Bay Port Authority. Mr. Heney returns to the club with good news about the resurgence of activity (good for all of course) at the Port, at the ‘head’ of the world’s largest inland seaway. Four themes emerged from his very concise presentation:

  1. The resurgence of Canadian grain transportation on the seaway; 
  2. New major reinvestment in infrastructure and vessels (examples include “hands-free mooring” and 15 new and improved lake vessels);
  3. Marine transportation is the most fuel efficient and safest mode of transportation; and 
  4. Superior water levels have rebounded dramatically (and thus a great boon to the industry). 

The Q and A session was lively. Mr. Heney was introduced by Jaimie Mintenko, and thanked by Rob Kerr.


The club welcomed our newest Exchange Student Jitte Wigbold (from the Netherlands). Jitte, only here 2 days, bravely took to the podium and introduced herself. Bravo! Have a great year, Jitte. She was introduced by her new host parent Leslie Savitsky.


At Our Club August 12th


Logan Ollivier and his partner Nicole Konkin flank president Irene Kozlowski at today’s meeting. Logan is CEO and Nicole is “the boss” at Ollivier Strategies, a dynamic new media marketing company, headquartered just down the street. Their mission with clients is to create economic prosperity through strategic communication planning (principally by mastering the new social media dominating the world). Helping to maximize and navigate sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin et al, their clients are one step ahead.

The presentation overviewed the world of social media; it is very fluid, changing rapidly, and apparently mandatory for business success. Apart from business alone, such facts came out as “51% of northwestern Ontario Facebook users are over 50" (Take note Colin Bruce). Nicole and Logan are Saskatchewan products who have found a great home and Rotary service in Thunder Bay. The presentation, like the business they are in, was edifying, charming and rather sobering. Art Warwick introduced Nicole and Logan, and they were thanked by Jim Greenaway.


Youth gave way today to veteran Rotary stalwarts Bert Andreola, (Pensauken, Merchantville, NJ, USA), celebrating ongoing 52 years of perfect attendance, and Joe Vanderwees, happy to back after being in sick bay and looking spry and in great humour as always. Great to have you both out gentlemen.


At Our Club August 5th


Irene Kozlowski, Club President is flanked by Jaro Kotalik (L) and guest speaker, Gerry Martin. 

Mr. Martin is a well- travelled and experienced Anishinabek Elder, by training as a nurse as well as counsellor and advocate for First Nation ethics and general welfare. Mr. Martin has current positions with Confederation College, Lake head University and Matawa Tribal Council. An experienced and sought after speaker, Mr. Martin spoke of the value systems he uses for FN (and non FN) youth et al to promote connectivity with the natural world, his Creator and fellow Canadians. He was introduced by Jaro Kotalik and thanked by David Legge. Meegwitch, Mr. Martin.


At Our Club July 29th


l-r, President Irene Kozlowski, Past President Bernie Baxter, Brenda Winter, Brendan Hardick, Jim Greenaway, and Jim Mucklow
Two new Rotarians welcomed today!. Brendan Hardick who was introduced by his sponsor Brenda Winter and Jim Greenaway introduced by his sponsor Jim Mucklow. President Kozlowski and Past President Bernie Baxter took part in the ceremony. The club is delighted with our new members, both of whom are already engaged as members!  ( see below for a good example).


The guest presenter was also inducted just today: Brendan Hardick of Scrimshaw and Scott LLB law firm has been working with Brenda Winter and others on a new in-house club Youth Protection Policy, under the authority and requirements of the Ontario Child and Family Services Act. Brendan outlined the reporting requirement (Section 72) for child abuse, based on the legal test of reasonable grounds, to a Children’s Aid Society. There was discussion on the internal club reporting/ mechanism policy (once an obligatory report is to be made to CAS). Several case reports highlighted the issues. Q and A also touched on possible offences for failure to report and possible ramifications re privacy concerns. The club is doing due diligence to a high, professional degree in an area important to the club. Brendan was introduced (again) by Brenda Winter, and thanked by Jaimie Mintenko.


At Our Club July 22nd

President Irene Koslowski stands proudly with Haruka Ono (of Chiba..near Tokyo, Japan). Haruka delivered an emotional and passionate farewell to the club today having completed her term as Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar, and achieving an Honours Bachelor of Social Work, at Lakehead University.

Haruka’ s unique leadership qualities were pre-eminent. She has a unique skill at connecting on a meaningful basis with many of the Anishinabek students that she worked with (in the “peer leadership program) at schools such as Dennis Franklin Cromartie and Matawa. The rewards, given patience, and listening, were inestimable. Some transformative changes took place and long-term friendships forged.

Her successes are an inspiration to Rotarians and there were numerous teary eyed members attending this meeting who could see her unique qualities in facing the challenges of cross-cultural racism, and lost opportunities.It is hoped that Haruka, who appealed greatly to all who got to know her, will return to this area given suitable employment, or at a minimum, visit us in the future. Warm thoughts were expressed by many, including Fred Baker and Bill Everitt, who introduced and thanked her respectively.


At Our Club July 15th


Dressed in green (“I’m green at this” you’re not), Club President for 2014-15, Irene Kozlowski is congratulated by a beaming out-going President Judi Turner. Irene paid tribute to all members including the Executive Board and PP J. Turner for their confidence in nominating her for the presidential position this year. Irene had a strong belief in Rotary right from her introduction in 2003. Her inaugural address was stirring and passionate, invoking the Four Way (ethical) Test of Rotary and challenging members to “Light Up Rotary” in whatever way suits them. Irene employs a “strength finder” to assist people in finding a meaningful presence within the club. Irene’s opening reflection was poignant: a moment of silence for all to contemplate the value of Rotary. All agreed that Irene is off to a fine start indeed!


At Our Club July 8th


Melanie Rasich, (centre) PA Rotary's returning Exchange Student from Thailand, shared her experiences from her year abroad. A captivating presentation featured several aspects of her time in this exotic country. Watch for a copy of her presentation to be attached here soon. YEO Matt Diegel introduced Melanie and Alexandra Erickson thanked the speaker.


At Our Club June 24th


President Judi Turner’s year is up. What a great job. At her self-described “swan song”, she thanked many, took only a modicum of credit for herself, and produced a 9 page summary of her very busy year. A standing ovation ensued. Here she is pictured with the two other powerhouse female Past-Presidents of the club: Maria Hudolin (2003-4) and Leslie Savitsky (2006-7). And then this coming year, another fine  female president (stay tuned!!).


Outgoing President Judi Turner presents Bill Green with Rotarian of the Year award. Bill has been an outstanding Rotarian for many years. The award is richly deserved. Congrats Billy.


At Our Club June 17th


Today, Allocations Chair Laurie Tulloch paid tribute to several worthy Thunder Bay organizations. Club contributions were received by  (L to R) Diana Sustawenko  (St Johns Ambulance); Tara Monteith (Diabetes Association for Recreation, Enrichment and Support); and June Bjorn Boyer and Pat Carli ( representing Northern Hearts). Also pictured is President Judi Turner. 


At Our Club June 10th


Another celebration of youth today: first up were Shelby Rooney and Matthew Jollineau (pictured above with president Judi Turner). These two outstanding students represented Australia at the recent MUNA (Model United Nations Assembly) in Winnipeg. Their debating and diplomacy skills earned them “Best Delegation” status. Today they were appropriately feted (note: Matthew’s parents were in the audience). The issues they debated were timely and well received (Women and violence, Syria, Indigenous Peoples etc). Rotary is delighted to have supported them. They have bright futures. Jamie Mintenko, club MUNA rep was beaming. Great job organizing this J!


Second up, was the second act of Igor Wessler , our fine Exchange Student from Brazil, seen here, festooned in his Rotary jacket. His year in Thunder Bay was outlined. “the worst winter he has ever experienced” was actually a treasured experience. The club thanked Igor for being an excellent student ambassador.


At Our Club June 3rd


Segment 1 of Igor Wessler’s Exchange Student farewell address today was special. Hailing from Serto Catarina (District 4650) Brazil (or is it Brasil?), and formerly from Sao Paulo (pop. 19, 223,897), Igor has done a masterful job of integrating into a much different culture and geography (see above). At 16, an extraordinary young man. He will say more next week. He was warmly introduced by Mat Diegel and thanked (also warmly) in Portuguese!! By Patrick Boileau.


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Speakers & Meetings



August 12th

Visiting Rotarians: Bert Andreola, Barry Ward
Speakers: Nicole Konkin, Logan Ollivier
Guests: Sierra Trees, Max Frattolin, Patrick Beitz

August 4th

Visiting Rotarians:  Stephen Margant, AV Andreola
Guest SpeakerElder Gerry Martin
VisitorsDr Eli Nix , Ariadna

July 28th

Visiting Rotarians: Bert Andreola, Kishore Sakrani, Elizabeth Cohoe
Exchange Student: Christopher Leiterman
Ambassadorial Student: Haruka Ono
Speaker: Brendan Hardick
GuestsLily McKay, Paul Malo, Ariadna Zerguera, Cagelistothy Evan, Rebher Villagravin
Prospective Member: Jim Greenaway 

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 5th - Mathew Diegel & Alexander Jones

12th - Bill Green & Rob Grady

19th - Kevin Holloway & Jaro Kotalik

26th - Colin Bruce & David Legge


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